Monday, July 25, 2011

Cleaning in style!

As I was packing for the beach I jokingly asked Rafe if he would vaccum the kitchen for me. Much to my surprise he agreed to do it and I must say he did a great job!! (maybe it was the boots - or maybe the cute helper!!)

Beach Trip #2!

Last week we went to Surfside Beach with Pop and Gram and had an absolute blast. Rafe and Stella Ross both enjoyed the ocean and sand so much. There is NO fear in either one of them. We did so many fun things, but when we asked Rafe what his favorite thing was he said, "playing in the waves!" Simple things make them the happiest! Stella Ross acted as if she was six years old, too. She is definitely a water baby!! Thank you, Pop and Gram, for such a wonderful vacation. We are already counting the days until next year!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Man's Best Friend!

Tonight was a learning experience for all of us. After Stella Ross went to bed, Rafe and I went swimming while Cory was cutting grass. Bowser was playing outside of the pool fence like he always does. When Rafe and I were about to get out of the pool I let Bowser come inside the fence and run around, again like he always does. Bowser never shows any interest in jumping in the water. He is very content to watch us swim, but he will lick the puddles. (I have never know Staffordshire Bull Terriers to be considered water dogs!) Rafe was horsing around and began running near the diving board as I was reminding him to walk. He got to the end of the diving board and slipped off the edge and fell in. As Rafe was falling in I screamed because I didn't know if he was going to hit his head on the edge of the board or the pool. I guess Bowser sensed panic in my voice and he jumped straight in to save Rafe (not knowing if he was alright or not!) Bowser has NEVER been in water, and quite frankly doesn't particularly care for it, but in this particular situation he didn't mind. He was going in to save Rafe. Well, Rafe immediately popped up and was fine so then, of course, my concern was Bowser. He popped up out of the water and started swimming himself, but it scared him. He was in the deep end and trying to get to the side of the pool. When I finally got to him (after what seemed like an eternity) he was fighting against me and making it very difficult to lift him out of the water. At that same moment Cory heard us calling for help and he came running and was able to grab Bowser by the collar and get him out of the pool. Everyone was safe!! Rafe was so scared and said over and over, "I didn't want my dog to die. Is he going to be alright?"

This situation was very eye-opening for Rafe. He learned two valuable lessons. 1) NEVER run around the pool, especially on the diving board, and 2) just how much his dog LOVES him. Yes he is a puppy and bites and jumps, but he risked his life trying to save Rafe. What a hero!!

So...... tomorrow we are going to Petsmart to pick out a special toy for Bowser. We are all so proud of him!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Mattress = Play Time!

Rafe got a new mattress yesterday and as soon as the old one was pulled off Stella Ross and Rafe jumped on. Now they were free to jump on the bed without falling off. What a blast!

Tooth #8!!

Rafe lost his 8th tooth (in exactly a year!) last night. This one caused Rafe a lot of grief and agony. It is really quite pitiful how worked up he gets about pulling them. However, when he gets his mind made up he just does it all by himself. The tooth fairy came just in time for his much anticipated "day out with Pop" today. She brought him "7 one dollar bills!" that I am sure he will promptly spend.

Cory has been in agony over the fact that Rafe has not properly brushed his teeth in weeks because he was afraid his tooth would come out. As soon as Rafe pulled it Cory took him into the bathroom to give his teeth a scrubbing like they have never seen!!

Rafe loves his new look. He thinks it looks like the Bat sign. His said, "that tooth was the Joker and now that he is gone, the Bat sign is out!!!"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rafe's Yellow Belt

Rafe received his yellow belt in karate and it was such a special night for all of us. Rafe has been asking for many, many months to take karate lessons so he was ecstatic to attend a karate camp this summer. Unfortunately he got sick after his second day of camp and missed the rest of the week. Earning his yellow belt was VERY important to Rafe so his wonderful instructor allowed us to attend some make-up classes in order to give Rafe the correct amount of instructional hours to graduate. Rafe goes "full force" in his classes and really gets excited about what he learns. He wants to continue taking classes in the fall, but we will just have to see how much time we have to devote to it after baseball and a little thing called ...... school!!

Congratulations, Rafe!! We are so proud of you!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Campbell's Covered Bridge

Yesterday morning we went with Pop and Gram to Campbell's Covered Bridge for some creek walking and hiking. The water was FREEZING but that did not stop Rafe and Stella Ross from having a blast!!! To be a girl, Stella Ross does not mind the squishy mud in her feet or the minnows swimming all around her. The dirtier the better. Rafe used his hiking stick to lead the way and tell us how deep the water was. He enjoyed being "in charge"!! Both of them had a great time and cannot wait until we go back!!