Friday, October 29, 2010

Terrible Tuesday

Tuesday was a bad day at our house. We did not have one, but two sick babies. Rafe woke up in the middle of the night with a throbbing ear and Stella Ross woke up with a 103 fever. I was not a happy mommy!! So off we went to the doctor, the only problem was one was able to get medicine, the other was not. Rafe had an ear infection, which is what we had decided he probably had. It is so nice now that he is old enough to tell me when he doesn't feel well. He never complains, and when he does I know it must be bad. Stella Ross had a nasty fever virus that took several days of Tylenol and extra loving to make her feel better. When we left the doctor Rafe told me he wanted me to make him a "mallet" (or pallet!!) and watch a movie with him. That is exactly what we did. After the Tylenol kicked in it didn't really seem like I had sick children any more. They started using the "mallet" as a tent, sled, toy, etc. I was just glad they felt good enough to play. Sick days are NO FUN!!

Where's Rafe???

She has about had it with him covering her
up in these blankets!!

Haunted House

Tonight we went to an area neighborhood that had a real life haunted house. The decorations were unbelievable. Rafe had been trying to convince Cory to take him to a haunted house all week, and after tonight we determined our answer: Rafe is NOT ready!! Now granted he had a great time looking at all of the spooky decorations, but when a boy dressed up as Chucky chased after him he was not quite the same!!!

I cannot imagine how long it took the people that live at this house to get it ready. They had a real airplane, with a detached bloody wing, and skeletons hanging out of the windows. There was a real hearse driven by a skeleton with a real coffin, a pet cemetery, Micheal Myers, Freddy Kruger, even Michael Jackson and TONS more. Of all the decorations there, Rafe was fascinated the most with a baby eating an arm. Go figure!! This house was so cool and the best part of it all was that they collect money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. What a wonderful thing!!

Since Pop and Gram were not with us Rafe immediately got in the car saying he wanted to go back tomorrow night and take them. He has decided that next time he is going to wear his werewolf costume and make Cory wear a mask as well. Hopefully Cory can scare Chucky!!

Rafe "The Joker" ready to tackle the monsters

The cemetery

The hearse

Here is Rafe's favorite decoration!!

Stella Ross was not a bit afraid of the decorations.
She enjoyed bobbing her head to the spooky music!!

Pumpkin Carving

We carved our pumpkins last Sunday, but since both kids have been sick all week we are just now getting their pictures made with them. Thankfully they are both feeling great now and ready to trick-or-treat!!

Stella Ross and Elmo

Rafe and The Incredible Hulk

Monday, October 25, 2010

What do you have there?

Can I PLEASE have a bite??

10 Months!

Happy 10 month birthday to my favorite
little girl in the whole world. I cannot tell you
enough how much I love you, but I will
spend each day trying.
**more pictures to come from our pumpkin carving. We are still fine-tuning Rafe's Hulk!! This little girl is proud of hers though**

Halloween Hoopla

Saturday afternoon we went downtown to the annual Halloween Hoopla. As always, we had a blast. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the candy was PLENTIFUL! I am trying to convince Rafe that he doesn't need to go trick-or-treating now but he is not going for that! Stella Ross enjoyed her first bites of candy, but I think her favorite part was decorating the mini pumpkins.

Ready for trick-or-treating

This is Rafe after he took his mask off. GROSS!!

Checking out his candy

Happy about her samples!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Bowser

Happy 1 week birthday, Bowser. We can
hardly wait to bring you home!!!

Miss Bookworm

Stella Ross is really developing quite a love for books. She loves to be read to, loves to sit and look at the pictures, and, of course, loves to chew on them. We read books before every nap and before bedtime each night. One day this week I was playing in her room with her and getting things ready for her nap. I sat down in our reading chair and told her to go get me a book. She immediately stopped playing, crawled over to the book basket, and picked out her favorite book, "Night, Night Little Pookie". I was SO excited!!

Boys Will Be Boys!

Rafe had a little accident on Thursday. He was on a "journey" in the woods with his wagon and a shovel (which is never a good idea). I heard him screaming and when I found him he said a stick poked him in the eye. I washed the dirt and mud away the best I could and decided to be safe and take him to the doctor. Needless to say he was not one bit happy with me for fear of the eye drops I told him they would probably put in it. However, once he got the drops in his eye and saw how "cool" it looked he was pretty excited. He said, "Now I really do look like a werewolf! My eye glows in the dark!" Turns out he had two scratches on the cornea of his eye, but luckily it is not in a place that will bother him or his vision. NO drops, no patch = happy boy!! He is very lucky!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall BREAK?????

Rafe had a fall break from school last Thursday and Friday, but it was anything but a BREAK for us. We took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and had loads of fun!! Stella Ross was such a trooper. She has never been to so many places in her life, but she enjoyed every bit of it. We went non-stop from Thursday until Sunday. We all needed a break come Monday!!

SC State Fair

Friday morning we went to the fair. We had such a good time. We normally go before a USC football game, but we have learned that the crowd and traffic are ridiculous. We decided since Rafe was out of school we would go during the week and it was wonderful. There were no lines for the rides or games and the weather could not have been more perfect. Stella Ross loved looking at the animals and getting her first taste of "junk food"! Rafe was so funny talking about the food. In the days leading up to the fair Rafe and I were talking about what he wanted to do there and I told him we would probably eat a bunch of junk food. He said, with a VERY concerned face, "But, Mommy, don't you remember Dr. DeMoss said for me to limit how much junk food I eat?!" Is this a little Cory, or what??!! Speaking of Cory, he was really concerned about Gram and I taking Rafe and Stella Ross to the fair without him. Who would win them a prize?? Well, Rafe just showed him. He won 5 big prizes all by himself and was SO proud!!

Would this be considered "junk food"? GROSS!!

ready to go!!

Rafe said he needed to go see his dentist!!

Stella Ross isn't sure about him either!

Rafe winning his first prize!


another prize

Nivens Apple Farm

Friday morning we went to Niven's Apple Farm and had a blast. We had never been there before, but this is definitely going to be a new fall tradition. We went on a fabulous hayride, got lost in an unbelievable corn maze, played in a tee-pee, jumped on big tires, looked at farm animals, picked apples and pumpkins, sampled delicious apple cider, and mined for gems. What a fantastic fall morning. I can hardly wait until next year!