Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

What a fabulous Easter weekend we had. Stella Ross and Rafe had such a great time dying eggs, hunting eggs and just being outside enjoying this beautiful weather!

Friday afternoon Gram came over to help us dye our Easter eggs. Rafe enjoyed mixing the colors and making his look unique. Stella Ross enjoyed playing with the grass we used to make our display.

Saturday afternoon was our church egg hunt. Stella Ross and Rafe had a blast. They both enjoyed the HUGE jump castle more than anything. Unfortunately a lot of their candy was melted in their eggs, but that didn't stop them from eating it!!

Sunday morning they woke up to find the Easter bunny had made a stop at our house. Stella Ross was most excited about her water table. She was immediately soaked and loving every minute of it. We are keeping it on our screen porch and have spent most every waking hour out there. Rafe was pumped about his new skateboard. After getting over the initial frustrations of learning to ride it he is really doing quite well on it.

After church we ate a delicious lunch at Pop and Gram's house where they found more Easter gifts.

Then it was picture time. Rafe was NOT a fan of this activity!

We did manage to get one! (Thank you Lu Lu!)

Sunday evening we ate dinner at Nana and Papa's. Rafe always has a blast playing with his cousins and hunting his money-filled eggs. Stella Ross was most excited about her "golden" egg filled with peanut butter. She was NOT happy with her Daddy when he made her spit it out after he found her with it. Her first taste of peanut butter was worth it though!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tooth Fairy x 5!

The night before we left for the mountains the Tooth Fairy made her 5th appearance at our house. Rafe pulled his tooth for the second time and now he is missing THREE teeth on the top. (We are not really sure what he is eating with now!) Good time for the Tooth Fairy to come so he would have some spending money on our trip!!

Spring Break in the Mountains!

We spent Rafe's Spring Break week in the mountains and had a fabulous time! We went to Dollywood for two days and Stella Ross rode on her first rides all by herself. Rafe was, and is, always SO serious while he is riding, but NOT Stella Ross. She had a BLAST and would even jump up out of her seat giving Cory and me a heart attack. She danced to the music while she was riding. It was SO CUTE! I don't think she will have any problem tackling the rides when we are in Disney World. The hardest part was getting her off .

We did SO much in our four days in the mountains and now we are all completely exhausted. Stella Ross went from taking two naps a day to maybe getting a 30 minute rest in her stroller, but she hung in there. She even decided the last night we were in our hotel that she would party all night long. I think she finally discovered that we were in her room sleeping, too, and at 2:00 in the morning she grabbed Cory's toes from her bed and started jumping and dancing!! It was pretty funny! Poor Rafe, he wasn't ready to party at 2:00!!

I am so thankful for this time away. It was a much needed break!! The countdown is on now for the summer!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Which one do I get?

Stella Ross went to her very first Easter egg hunt today and it was a big hit. At first she was more into the rocking music to look for the Easter eggs, but she quickly learned that hunting the eggs and putting them in her basket was pretty fun, too. Rafe did GREAT at his hunt and even found the "special" egg with a ticket in it for a prize. He was so excited!! The highlight of the day for Rafe was definitely the jump castles and baseball game and the highlight (or "low"light) for Stella Ross were the snow cones. When she saw that her big brother was holding his all by himself she decided the only way she could eat hers was by holding it also. Unfortunately her attention would get directed some place else and she ended up dropping not one, not two, but THREE of them. We gave up after the third one although Stella Ross screamed for 10 minutes. It really became quite humorous. The rainy, dreary morning turned into a beautiful afternoon. I cannot wait until our next Easter egg hunt.

"Where do I go?"

"Would it be alright if I get this one?"

The Easter egg hunt was a big success!

"Look at all of this candy!!"

"This is fun!"

"Umm - NOT a fan of him. Who invited him anyway?"

"This is GOOD stuff!"

Before the FIRST drop

Rafe is charging through!

"Yes, I got the one I wanted!"