Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Future Picasso

My grandmother is a very talented artist.  She painted Rafe a beautiful canvas when he was born, paints her Christmas cards showcasing her family, etc.  Rafe has shown a lot of interest in art and painting so when LuLu invited Rafe to join her art class today he was so excited.  This is what he did in the hour long class.  Quite impressive if I do say so myself!!   

Morning Nap

Monday, July 23, 2012

Surfside Beach Fun!

We spent a WONDERFUL week at the beach with Pop and Gram.  As always there was lots of  laughter, good food and loads and loads of fun.  It was not a relaxing vacation, though!!  We had way too many activities planned to rest too much.  By the end of the week Stella Ross was begging for her bed!!  

 We're on our way!!

  Yummy blue icee!

 Yes we adopted not one, but TWO hermit crabs!!

 Stella Ross goes down the BIG slide!

 These kids LOVE to ride!

 Pop found a lizard that seemed to be very fond of him.  He bought
a cage and food and we kept him for a few days.  Rafe loved it!!

 Pirates Voyage - one of our favorite nights!  AARRRR!

 Enjoying the aquarium

 These were both taken at the end of the week at 10:00 in the morning!  TIRED girl!

 Our waitress brought the kids some dough to play with while they waited on their food.  LIFESAVER!

 Rafe, Pop and Cory chartered a boat in Georgetown and spent the morning fishing.  Rafe had a blast, 
even catching a big sting ray.

 Feeding the turtles

What a fun week.  We are ready to go back!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shhhh! Please don't tell!

Rafe has one of the funniest personalities I know, but he is EXTREMELY shy when it comes to showing off this side of him to anyone else.  Here are some recent pictures of him "acting crazy" around the house!!

 He put this costume together all by himself at Pop and Gram's house!

this is what happens when you play dress-up with your little sister!