Friday, January 25, 2013

Awards Day

Rafe's 2nd Nine Weeks Award Ceremony was yesterday at school.  He received the Terrific Kid Award for his class and earned all A's on his report card.  Way to go, Rafe!  We are SO proud of you! 

Sunday Smores!

Rafe had Monday out of school so we decided to build a fire and make smores (or smoes as Stella Ross calls them) last Sunday night.  I had the two best chefs making me the PERFECT smore.  Yum!

Falls Park (after A LOT of rain!)

Rainy Day Blues

The perfect way to spend a rainy day!

Dupont State Park

Rafe and Pop LOVE to hike and one place they have never visited is Dupont State Park in North Carolina.  We went there on what was supposed to be a mild, "sunny" afternoon.  The weather wasn't the greatest but the scenery was.  It was BEAUTIFUL seeing all of the waterfalls.  We will definitely be going back again when it IS warm!