Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday on our ride home from school I was gearing up to go through the usual 50 questions that I ask Rafe about his day. Normally he gives me the same answers basically just to get me to be quiet so he can go about doing something else (he is almost impossible to get any information out of!). However, yesterday he had a little extra spring to his step. He came bouncing into the van and handed me a "letter from my girlfriend". He said he had a new girlfriend in his class and she wrote her phone number down on some paper so he could call her sometime and they could get together! WHAT?????

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nine Months!

Happy 9 month birthday to our sweet Stella Ross. This verse is SO perfect for her. We love you so much!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vote of Confidence

So, I am walking in the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure on Saturday morning. I will be gone at the most 4 hours. Since Stella Ross is almost 9 months old I thought Cory, and Rafe, could handle everything. Well, someone at our house thinks differently and it is not Big Daddy!! Tonight at dinner Rafe overheard me talking to Cory about my plans. He interrupted us and said in a very concerned voice, "You're going to leave her? With him?"

Oh well .... I might be walking now with the Baby Bjorn!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How BIG is Stella Ross?

SO BIG!!!!

I have been asking Stella Ross for months how BIG she is. This morning she showed me and was SO excited. It is the cutest thing!!

This is Stella Ross's favorite thing to do -
be left alone! She likes to pull all of her books
and diapers out of their boxes and just sit
and listen to her music. Quite a switch from
how Rafe plays!!
Playing with one of her favorite toys - her Elmo table!!

Sweet baby girl - Life is Good!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Rafe's 6th birthday weekend!

I cannot begin to describe how much fun we had last weekend celebrating Rafe's 6th birthday. To tell you we are ALL exhausted would be an understatement! We even overslept this morning, which is something I never do!! We had three full days of excitement and enjoyment.

Friday Gram, Stella Ross and I took popsicles to Rafe's school and had lunch with him. I had so much fun visiting with his class. They are such a sweet group of children and were very pleased with their snack.

Rafe's school party!

Friday afternoon Cory and I took him to the mall for his annual trip to Build-a-Bear. He LOVES to do this. Rafe does NOT need anymore stuffed animals, but enjoys the process. This year he built a wolf and dressed him like Darth Vader. Stella Ross enjoyed looking at all of the animals.

Saturday was his actual birthday. We woke up and he immediately starting unwrapping his presents. It was hilarious trying to keep Stella Ross off of his gifts when all she really wanted was the envelopes and tissue paper! Pop and Gram gave Rafe a Razor 360 and we all had a BALL riding on it. Oh to be a kid again!!

Rafe has been asking for several months for this pillow pet.
He was very excited!

Rafe took a break from unwrapping presents
to show Pop his mask for Halloween. You know
he likes to start planning his costume REALLY early!

Here comes trouble!!

Candle holders for his bloody candles.
This boy loves Halloween

Cory trying out the Razor

Sweet SR soaking up all the fun

Gram trying out the fun!

Lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, FU of Kyoto

Stella Ross waiting on a bite of cookie

Stella Ross wasn't sure about the hats!

Rafe with Pop and Gram

Stella Ross LOVES her some Elmo

On a side note - Rafe went to the USC football game Saturday night with Cory, Pop and a friend. I could not persuade Cory to take the camera. He was WAY too occupied with the game!!
Sunday was Rafe's fabulous party at Frankie's Fun Park. He had a wonderful group of 15 boys that all had a ball. They played in the fun house, did laser tag, ate at Johnny Rockets and then ended the party with video games. I think it is safe to say they all slept really well last night! What a great end to a fantastic birthday weekend. Fun was had by all!!

Sweet cousin Jay

Rafe and his buddy, Nolan

Rafe loves funny cards.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

6 weeks

1 year

2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years

6 years

SIX things I love most about Rafe:
  • I love that he has such a wonderful imagination (playing super heroes, exploring outside, etc.)
  • I love his sense of humor
  • I love what a compassionate, and overall fantastic, big brother he is
  • I love that he still wants to sit in my lap when I read him a story
  • I love his toothless grin and gorgeous eyes
  • I LOVE that he is my little boy!!
  • Happy Birthday my beautiful boy! I am so proud of you and so honored to be your mommy! May all your dreams forever come true.

It's the simple things in life....

that make me sad.

I had to move the car seat straps up AGAIN on this sweet little girl's carseat. What happened to my tiny baby?

And this superhero is turning SIX YEARS OLD in two days? Where has the time gone?