Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Easter to my favorite peeps!!

Stella Ross received an adorable treat bag at her Easter party from her cousin, Tucker. They were just TOO cute not to make for Rafe's class.

Happy Easter to our favorite peeps!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where is that golden egg?

Stella Ross loves to hunt Easter eggs. Every morning I hide eggs in Rafe's playroom and she excitedly comes running in with her bucket. Lately she has decided to hide the eggs for me. This Easter egg hunt was just too cute not to document!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lions, and Tigers and Kids, OH MY!!

Last weekend we took a trip to the zoo to enjoy this beautiful weather. Stella Ross has never really experienced the zoo when it wasn't Boo in the Zoo. During this time the animals are not out, but they sure were this day! We have never seen the animals so active so this was quite a treat for all of us. What a fun morning!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Budding Author

I love when Rafe brings home examples of his writing from school. I am so impressed with his neat handwriting and enjoy reading his thoughts. These are some of the poems he shared at the Author's Tea.

Let's Go To The Movies!

Friday afternoon was a first for Stella Ross.... a trip to the movies. Rafe was really excited about seeing the movie The Lorax so I decided it just might be time to introduce Stella Ross to the movie theater. She was FANTASTIC! (I mean who doesn't love the movies??) Rafe had really pumped her up about the big screen and, of course, the blue icee. And, unlike her brother, this girl can chow down on some popcorn. So this was a win-win situation. When we walked in to the theater Stella Ross shouted, "Wow!" Once the movie started she acted like an old pro sitting perfectly still and eating, eating, eating. (You have to love a short movie with a lot of color!) What a fun day!

Ring the alarm!

Yesterday we were invited to our cousin, Jay's, 4th birthday party at the Fire Station. This was Stella Ross's first experience in a fire truck and she was beside herself. She enjoyed pushing all the buttons and ringing the fire bell. What a fun morning! Happy birthday Jay!!

Artists' at work!

Rafe and Stella Ross are crazy about painting! So, Friday morning when it was messy outside, we just rolled out the art cart and had a blast!!

Rafe's Author's Tea

Thursday we were invited to Rafe's school for an Author's Tea. At the tea, Rafe and his classmates read one of their poems. Rafe chose a poem about the mall. Then the class did a cute skit about "How to torture your teacher!" Rafe was so excited about sharing his work and he did an excellent job reading his poem! We are so proud of our him!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Basketball banquet

Last night was Rafe's basketball banquet at Fuddrucker's. As usual we had a blast hanging out with this wonderful group of children and their parents. This is always the highlight of the season for Rafe. (he is getting quite a collection) Rafe did such a great job in the basketball games this year and really learned so much. Coach Tommy summed up exactly how I feel when he described Rafe, "This young man was one of the best ball handlers on the team and really improved during the season. If I could just get him to believe in himself like I believe in him he is going to be a really good athlete!" GO RAFE!!!

**these were taken with my iphone. Chasing around this spunky 2 year old with my big camera just didn't go together!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Like brother, like sister!

It is completely safe to say that Stella Ross is infatuated with her big brother. She cries when he leaves for school in the morning and anxiously awaits his return in the afternoon. Once he is home she wants to be wherever he is, doing whatever he is doing. (sometimes that is just not practical and this infuriates her!!) She copies everything he does and repeats everything he says (again, not always a good thing!) I think it is so adorable to watch her love and admiration for Rafe and for the most part he is very understanding and goes with the flow. Last night after filling their bellies with birthday cake she followed Rafe right into the bathroom when he was told to brush his teeth. This was her first encounter with "real" toothpaste. She loved the spitting part!! Getting ready for bed had never been so easy!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Breakfast picnic!

Complete with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!! Starting the day off right.