Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of school

Today was the first day of 2nd grade for Rafe and 2K for Stella Ross.  Our morning could not have gone any smoother.  Both of them were equally excited about starting a new school year (this was a BIG change from Stella Ross's first day of school last year!)  I am so proud of them and excited about what is sure to be a wonderful year!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Welcome 2nd Grade!!

I am BEYOND thrilled about Rafe's 2nd grade teacher, Miss Smith!!  We had the pleasure of meeting her last night and I left his classroom completely impressed.  She is so organized and beyond sweet to the children.  I feel confident he is going to have a fabulous school year!!

**As a bonus Rafe is in the class with one of his best friends.  They were so cute talking about it.  The boys decided they are going to act like they don't know each other so Miss Smith will put them in the same group!!  I think she is smarter than that!!**

The BIG day!

Yesterday was the day Stella Ross has been waiting on for a LONG time - her first day of ballet and tap!!  She was so excited that she even took her nap in her dance clothes. I really did not know what to expect when we arrived at her class - would she be scared, would she go in the room without me, would she dance???  She FAR exceeded all of my expectations!  Not only did she walk right into that dance class all by herself but she acted completely comfortable with it all.  (maybe a little TOO comfortable!!)  The best part was being able to watch the entire class on the television in the lobby.  It was the best 45 minutes of entertainment I have EVER seen.  

The teacher started off the class by placing each little girl on a colored circle.  This was the first mistake.  Stella Ross had a ball playing with the circles.  Any time someone would move off their circle she would pick it up and throw it like a frisbee.  The other big obstacle were the wall-to-wall mirrors in the room.  Stella Ross could not keep her eyes off of herself (she is pretty cute!!) and would get so caught up that she would even get out of line and start galloping around the room to get a better look!  (especially in her tap shoes.  She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her tap shoes)  I feel VERY confident that she didn't hear a word the teacher said to her, but she did get familiar with her surroundings.  She has danced across every square inch of her classroom!!  

I can hardly wait to see what she is going to do at her next class.  It is sure to be just as entertaining.  Just wait until her recital!!   

Monday, August 13, 2012

The One That Got Away!

We spent one of our last summer nights at one of Rafe's favorite spots - a farm pond that belongs to one of Pop's friends.  We LOVE going to "the corner" (as we call it) not just for the fishing, but for the barn, the ducks, the beautiful scenery, the picnic!!  My dad brought me here when I was Rafe's age so this has become a very special place for our family.  Last night made "the corner" even more special.  Cory caught the BIGGEST fish we have ever seen (especially in a farm pond). Rafe was beside himself with excitement and BEGGED his Daddy to mount it on the wall.  However, after weighing it and pondering about it Pop and Cory decided to put it back in the water.  Rafe was very disappointed but now there is always the chance they can catch it again!  For now we will mount this picture of two very excited fishermen!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Year, New Beginnings

I cannot believe our summer is coming to an end (sigh!).  This week brought exciting beginnings for Stella Ross.  Tuesday night was Open House for her 2K school year.  She goes to our church CEP and we could not be more pleased.  She has two wonderful teachers that Cory and I both have known our whole lives and Stella Ross is moving up with her sweet friends from last year.  We are looking forward to a fantastic year.

After we left  school we attended Open House for Stella Ross's new dance class.  I don't know who is more excited about this - her mommy or this smiling girl??  They measured her feet for her ballet and tap shoes and she took a tour of her classroom.  However, we had a very disappointed two year when we had to leave before she got to "dance".  She wanted her class to start right then!!  Yesterday we went shopping for her leotard and tutu.  Stella Ross immediately put them on in the car and did not take them off the rest of the day.

So now we just have to wait until August 20 when she has her first official class.  I can hardly wait!!