Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer of Snakes

Well, Rafe and I had another run-in with a snake this morning. We were out for our daily walk. Rafe always had a particular spot that he likes to collect a stick from. I reached down to get him one and continued pushing the jogging stroller. Suddenly I felt the tires run over something in the road and then I stepped on it. I then turned around to see this "stick" we had hit and discovered it was in fact a snake. Of course Rafe was so excited and wanted to get out and "look it over." I, on the other hand, wanted to run. Although I am not a big fan of snakes, I did feel awful that my stroller "injured" (as I told Rafe) him. Rafe immediately called his daddy to tell him about our newest encounter with a snake. Cory asked us to describe it and said it was probably just a Garter snake. WHO CARES??!! Hours later we went back to see the snake and take a picture. Sorry it is so gross!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reedy River Falls

Yes we have new tattoos!!

Today Rafe and I went to Reedy River Falls with Nana. Rafe had a great time feeding the ducks. He got closer and closer to them and did not understand why he couldn't pick one up. We would be feeding a couple of ducks and hundreds more would come out of nowhere. It's amazing what they will do for stale bread! Next Rafe enjoyed running around in the sprinklers at the park. It looked so refreshing I wish I had joined him!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Limbo Queen

Tonight was a monumental night at our house. Cory finally admitted that I BEAT him at a game. This is a HUGE deal. Cory makes sure he beats me at everything we play, but tonight he could not beat me at the limbo. (It couldn't have anything to do with our height difference, could it?!) We started out the night with Rafe learning how to jump rope. He did a fantastic job, but unfortunately all of the pictures turned out blurry. :( Then Rafe wanted to do the limbo. We all tried it and had a great time. Thank you, Cory, for finally admitting I am better than you at something!

Cory trying SO hard to win
Rafe doing a great limbo

My turn

Gram even tried!

Friday, July 25, 2008

"Flip and Flide"

This week Rafe has spent a lot of time on his "flip and flide" (as he likes to call it). It took him a good part of the summer to really get the hang of it. Now he is the flip and flide king. He does tricks on it, jumps over his alligator, and goes down backwards. I don't know how long this $5.00 flip and flide will hold up to him!!

Who Is This?

Rafe is REALLY into dressing up. It seems everywhere we go he is either wearing a mask or outfit from his dress-up box. After his nap yesterday he wanted to try all of his costumes on. I think we have our own costume store. Here are some pictures of him showing off:

Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk
SpidermanScary Ninja
NinjaDavy Crockett
Basketball player (I don't know what this face means!)
Carolina football player
Train Conductor
Buzz Lightyear (one of his favorites)
Batman (this is him most days)
Sir Rafe

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Grow and Grow!

Rafe is obsessed with animals that "grow and grow" in water. Every night we have to put the animals in a jug and first thing in the morning we run into the kitchen to see how much they have grown. The snake and dinosaur we started growing at the beach are so big they have their own jug now. However, some little boy decided to rip the snake's head off!! Now we are in the process of growing lizards, caterpillars and a butterfly. Wonder how long they will stay put together??

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tattoo Tuesday!

Here are Rafe's latest tattoos. For those of you that don't know, Rafe LOVES tattoos. He wants to buy one everywhere we go and will put them ANYWHERE on his body!! He has not had a tattoo in a while, so today we loaded up. We went to Kid's Planet tonight and Rafe got a Spiderman ice cream. After it melted all over his t-shirt, he wanted to take his shirt off to ride home (I think he just wanted everyone to see his new tattoos). Thank goodness they wash off!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Buck!

Today is a special day at the White house. Our wonderful dog, Buck, turned 11 years old today. Buck is an AMAZING dog who puts up with A LOT from Mr. Rafe. He is great with him, letting Rafe drag him around on his leash and even playing dress up with him. I am sure it was not easy for Buck to share my attention when Rafe was born, but there was never any sign of jealousy. (I think he was afraid we would make him live outside again!!) It makes me sad to think about him turning 11, but for now we enjoy each day we have with him. Happy Birthday, Buck. We love you!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Nap

This afternoon Rafe went to bed for his daily nap. After 30 minutes of "sleeping" Cory noticed shadows moving around under Rafe's door. He went to check on him and Rafe met him at the door looking like this ....

Rafe has made a habit this week of getting out of bed at night shortly after we have tucked him in. Last night he came out of his room looking for Cory. Here was Rafe's conversation with Cory:

Rafe - "Daddy, can you get in bed with me for a few minutes?"

Cory - "Sure, Rafe"

Rafe - "I 'fink' the Joker is a man. He's not real. I don't 'fink' he's in our house."

Cory - "No, he's not in our house. And, besides, you're Batman. You are tough. What do you have to worry about?"

Rafe - "I know"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun with Nicolas

Rafe got to spend 2 days with his younger cousin, Nicolas, this week. They had a blast together. On Tuesday we went to Monkey Joe's and Chuck E Cheese's. That was enough for one morning. We all needed a long nap after that. Today we went to the zoo and Fuddruckers. I am so glad we live close to family again so Rafe can spend time with his cousins. Here are some pictures of our fun week.
Rafe showing Nicolas how to climb up the big slide.

Nicolas is not sure!

Where's Rafe?

Nana and Nicolas playing skee-ball

Rafe "beaming" after he hit the jackpot

Spiderman and "Monkey boy" ready for the zoo.

Enjoying the cool mist

Is there something behind me?

Rafe loved feeding the animals

Rafe's new snake mask