Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Nap

This afternoon Rafe went to bed for his daily nap. After 30 minutes of "sleeping" Cory noticed shadows moving around under Rafe's door. He went to check on him and Rafe met him at the door looking like this ....

Rafe has made a habit this week of getting out of bed at night shortly after we have tucked him in. Last night he came out of his room looking for Cory. Here was Rafe's conversation with Cory:

Rafe - "Daddy, can you get in bed with me for a few minutes?"

Cory - "Sure, Rafe"

Rafe - "I 'fink' the Joker is a man. He's not real. I don't 'fink' he's in our house."

Cory - "No, he's not in our house. And, besides, you're Batman. You are tough. What do you have to worry about?"

Rafe - "I know"

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