Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun with Nicolas

Rafe got to spend 2 days with his younger cousin, Nicolas, this week. They had a blast together. On Tuesday we went to Monkey Joe's and Chuck E Cheese's. That was enough for one morning. We all needed a long nap after that. Today we went to the zoo and Fuddruckers. I am so glad we live close to family again so Rafe can spend time with his cousins. Here are some pictures of our fun week.
Rafe showing Nicolas how to climb up the big slide.

Nicolas is not sure!

Where's Rafe?

Nana and Nicolas playing skee-ball

Rafe "beaming" after he hit the jackpot

Spiderman and "Monkey boy" ready for the zoo.

Enjoying the cool mist

Is there something behind me?

Rafe loved feeding the animals

Rafe's new snake mask

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