Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yummy, Yummy!

Rafe and Pop planted a garden last week. Rafe has been talking about planting vegetables for months now so he finally did it. He planted tomatoes and cucumbers and did a great job. He reminds me every day that we need to water them. Let's just hope the snakes we have lurking all around us don't eat them first!!

GO Braves!

What a great Memorial Day weekend we had. We went with some friends to Atlanta to see a Braves game. It was the first time any of the boys had been to Turner Field (and some parents!) so it was a really special day. Rafe experienced his first ride on the MARTA and visiting underground Atlanta. You can see some sights there!! I must say we had the CUTEST boys I have ever seen at the game. They all had on matching Braves shirts (thanks Blair) and purchased matching hats. The highlight of the game was afterwards when they got to run the bases and get a certificate and free t-shirt. That was really neat. Rafe is so proud of his shirt!
Rafe, Carter, Landon (McGee) and Peyton

Rafe getting on the MARTA

Eating at Johnny Rockets

Riding the bus to the stadium. Go Braves!

Watching the game

Waiting in line to run the "playground" bases

Sitting on a BIG Coke bottle

Throwing some pitches

On the field after the game. This
looks a lot like our backyard!!

Going to run the bases

Rafe's certificate

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Day of Swimming

Saturday was a busy day! First we had a birthday party for Rafe's cousin, Charlie. It was so much fun. The children rode horses, played on the swing set, busted a pinata and jumped on a BIG inflatable slide. After lunch it started getting hot so they turned the water on the slide and it became a HUGE "flip and flide!" Rafe has never had so much fun.

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

After the birthday party we headed to Lake Lure for a family reunion. Rafe swam in the lake and the pool and helped bust his second pinata full of candy for the day. We all had a great time with family and enjoyed being outside. We were thankful for a few good hours outside. The rain set in later on in the afternoon and there were 10 WILD children running around the house. Needless to say no one argued when it was time for bed that night!

Rafe and Nicolas

It is NEVER too cold to swim!

Burying poor Benjamin

Rafe and his cousins

Waiting to hit the pinata.
I moved out of the way and gave Cory the camera for an
action shot. Notice there isn't one. Luckily I don't hand over the
camera too often!

Future NBA star?

Cory and Rafe had a dunk contest Saturday morning. Poor Cory has to dunk on this goal to feel like Shaq!! It was quite a show!

Rafe is officially a superhero!

Rafe and I recently went to a "Let's Pretend" story hour at the library. This particular one was "Let's Pretend to be a Superhero!" This had Rafe's name written all over it. He absolutely had a ball. First they read books about superheroes and sang songs. Next the children had to go into a secret room where they had to do "superhero" challenges to see if they would pass the test to become an official superhero. They had obstacle courses, spiderwebs to crawl trough, save cats from trees, throw bean bags at all the villains (this was Rafe's personal favorite!), hide out in the bat cave, etc. After completing all of the tasks they gave each child a certificate making them an official superhero. This was such a treat for Rafe and one I am sure he will not soon forget!!

Flying like Superman

Going into the training camp room

Running over tall buildings

Hiding in the bat cave

"Watch out, Joker!"

Crawling through the spiderweb

Super Rafe!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another sweet song!

Here was another sweet song they performed this morning! (notice the boy to the right of Rafe. Too funny!!)

How sweet is this?

What a special morning I had. Rafe's school had a Mother's Day celebration and it was such a treat. They greeted us at the door and let us look around the room at all of the special things they had made for us. The funniest was a questionnaire. Here are Rafe's answers: (click on it if you need to enlarge it)

This was definitely a hit. It was so funny to hear how all of the children described their mothers. Next he showed me the "blue ribbon" he made with my picture on it. He did a great job!

This is Rafe's butterfly that came with pot holder with his hand print on it. The pot holder said, "Mommy's Helper". It is too cute to use.
This picture was taken by his buddy, Nolan. Good job!
After we had a snack (Rafe decided he needed to eat his cookie AND my cookie!) they sang some very sweet songs for us. This was such a special morning. I am so lucky to have such a sweet boy! I love you, Rafe!
(you might want to stop the music at the bottom to hear the songs)