Friday, May 25, 2012

A Special Helper

I took these with my phone so they seem a little dark, but these pictures were too cute not to share.  Stella Ross and I were hanging out at Pop and Gram's house while the boys were at baseball last night and in typical Stella Ross fashion she wanted to get "maked" to play in her water table.  However, as soon as she heard Pop start up his lawn mower she had to grab hers, too!! At least she didn't get too hot while she was working!

Rafe's 1st Grade Field Day

What a fabulous, fun-filled morning!!!  

Bye Bye Gymbo!

Sadly, Stella Ross' days of Gymboree have come and gone.  sniff sniff  I cannot believe she is already old enough to "graduate".  We went to our last class on Tuesday and she finished with a bang!  We had a blast pretending to be cats, jumping, climbing, blowing bubbles and dancing.  We are now getting ready to pursue our next adventure ..... dance lessons.  I can hardly wait!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rafe's baseball banquet

We hosted Rafe's baseball team to a fun swimming banquet last night.  Everyone had a great time swimming, eating and celebrating the wonderful baseball season.  It is so hard to believe the season has already come and gone.  GO GILMORE GATORS!!  We are so proud of all of you.

Rafe with his trophy and gameball

 Coach Tommy presenting Rafe with his tournament championship medal

Friday, May 18, 2012

Stella Ross's make-over!

This is what "Mal Mal" and Stella Ross did during the baseball game tonight.  Stella Ross was PUMPED!! After the manicure came the lip gloss painting mixed with dirt! Oh my!!


Congratulations to Rafe's baseball team for winning the Coaches Pitch tournament and regular season championship.  GO GATORS!! What a fantastic way to cap off a great season with such a wonderful group of boys.  Rafe, we are so proud of you!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rafe's 1st Grade Class

Here is a picture of Rafe's adorable 1st grade class that his teacher took this week.  Rafe has had such a wonderful school year and learned SO much!  I still cannot believe he only has 10 days of school left.  Where has the year gone?

Saturday, May 12, 2012


If you know Stella Ross, or have talked to her recently, you would know all about her LOVE for Justin Bieber and assume that he is her "boyfriend".  WRONG.....

THIS is Stella Ross' boyfriend.  (and she makes no bones about it!!)  She is really quite cute and shy about it.  Riley is one of Rafe's best friends so she is around him a lot.  One day a couple of weeks ago she was looking at my wedding pictures and said, "When I get married I am going to marry Wiwey!" She is sticking to this, too!!  If anyone asks her who her boyfriend is she quickly responds with "Wiwey!" The best part of it all is that "Wiwey" is beyond sweet to her about it all.  I am sure it embarrasses him when Stella Ross talks about him (I mean he is 8!) but he doesn't act like it. We love Riley and his family so if we could go ahead and have them commit to this we would all be thrilled. (especially Rafe who would finally have Riley as a brother!!) 

What a treat!

Gram and I took Stella Ross for her first manicure/pedicure as a special Mother's Day treat.  (and it WAS a treat!!)  I have been painting Stella Ross' fingers and toes for some time, but she truly felt like a little princess getting to go to the salon.  She acted like a pro!!  We walked in and she knew exactly what color she  They worked very fast and Stella Ross sat extremely still.  She was SO protective of her nails that she didn't want to touch anything or put her shoes on to go outside!  This was such a special morning sharing it with my two favorite ladies.