Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sweet summer!

We are having a busy, fun, HOT summer so far.  SO much has been going on the last few weeks:

Rafe went to Atlanta with Nana and his cousin Nicolas for THREE days!  Our house was TOO quiet, but he had a great time!

Rafe earned money for his wonderful school year and he begged and begged us to let him buy a Guinea Pig - please welcome "Honey Bun" to our family!

Stella Ross has been waiting and waiting for Monster's University to come out.  She even wore her new MU t-shirt to the big event.  It did NOT disappoint us!

Rafe caught the biggest fish on his trip with Pop and Daddy!

We had a blast at the beach with Gram!  We are counting down the days until we go back with Daddy and Pop!

It is always fun to have your fabulous friends come for an afternoon swim!

VBS was a big hit, especially since Stella Ross's best friend, Ava, joined her!

A trip to the Dollar Tree is not complete without a "prize"

Friday, June 7, 2013

Dance Dance Dance

This is an adorable picture of Stella Ross and her cousin Tucker at my cousin's wedding.  They had such a fun night dancing and, of course, posing in the Photo Booth.  Thankful for sweet cousins who are also best friends!!

First Day/Last Day!

First day of 2nd grade and 2K

Last day of 2K

Last day of 2nd Grade

Fabulous 2nd Grade Year

Rafe's Awards Day was on Wednesday and I could not be more proud of my little 2nd grader.  He finished the year with ALL A's for the entire year.  What an accomplishment!  He made A LOT of new, wonderful friends and had the absolute BEST teacher in the world.  Rafe, we are beyond proud of you and cannot wait to celebrate with a fun summer!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Day fun!