Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our "white" Christmas!

trying out his Wii skateboard!

Elmo chair!!

walking in her pink cowboy boots
from Pop and Gram

Happy 1st birthday Stella Ross

their favorite place to play!

my adorable Harry Potter

a picture of my favorite gift!

Paper Jamz

Stella Ross LOVES her ball pit

These two had a serious dart tag war

Checking out their new toys. How fun!


Ready to see what Santa brought!

We had an UNBELIEVABLE Christmas. Our FIRST white Christmas on Stella Ross's FIRST birthday. What a fantastic day! Santa Claus was EXTREMELY generous. Rafe and Stella Ross had a blast playing with their new toys. Christmas night we even had a birthday party for a special little girl. We are so blessed!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Fun!

We have had such a good time this week soaking up some much needed family time. Cory took the entire week off and we have had a blast gearing up for Christmas and a special birthday! Monday we went to our favorite restaurant, Kanpai of Tokyo, to celebrate Rafe pulling his tooth. (this had really been stressing him out for quite some time!)


Rafe's FAVORITE thing to do!

Oh no, he got me!

Ready for lunch!

I still cannot believe he is old enough to pull his teeth!
Calling Santa Claus

"I'm ready!"

Rafe was TOO cool for a picture!

This little girl LOVES a phone!

Last night we went to Moe's for dinner before heading to one of our favorite Christmas traditions, a trip to Hollywild Zoo. Dinner was wonderful until the jolly man himself, Santa Claus, made an appearance. Rafe remembered something he wanted to tell Santa Claus and had no trouble talking to him. Stella Ross, on the other hand, was completely distraught. She is still not a fan AT ALL. As soon as she saw him walking in the door she busted out crying. Oh well, maybe next year!

This is NO FUN!

Her meal is ruined!

Next we went to Hollywild Zoo and, as usual, it was not disappointment. Our favorite part is the open field where the animals are running loose. It is hilarious!! There are so many animals running around that you really have to be careful you don't run over anything. Then we got out of our car to roast marshmallows, feed the animals, even give them a bottle. What a fun night we had. I have a feeling we will be back with Pop before Christmas is over.

I NEVER thought I would see this from Cory!

Caught ya'!

Stella Ross LOVES to climb the stairs. If she is in her play room and we walk out she immediately gets to the stairs. Rafe and I caught her in the act and she thought it was so funny to try to get away from us!

Uh Oh!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Stella Ross's FIRST birthday party!!

We celebrated Stella Ross's 1st birthday on Sunday and we had a WONDERFUL time. I still cannot believe her first birthday is already here. It seems like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting her arrival and here we are a year later celebrating her special day. We had an Elmo party and Stella Ross had a blast listening to her special Elmo CD and walking around in her new Elmo tu-tu! She did not take after her brother, however, and devour her cake like he did. She was a little lady and only took small bites before she shook all over from the icing. It was too funny. I think she liked the ice cream the best. What a fabulous day we had celebrating this special little girl I get the privilege of calling my daughter. I love you SO MUCH sweet Stella Ross. I look forward to celebrating many, many more birthdays with you. I just hope they don't come as fast as this one did. Happy Birthday!!

checking our her wonderful present from Nana and Papa

This is going to be fun!

and she's off

Stella Ross rides in the big tricycles


Rafe placing his hat just right

Sweet Mrs. Amy feeding the birthday girl

cupcake decorating time

This is FUN!

The Williams family!

"What is this on my head?

"Get it OFF!"

Here it comes!


Rafe helping out

He is still there!

Present time!

Her adorable headband from Aunt Jamie

What a GREAT day!


but it was fun!!