Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas at LuLu's

We kicked off our Christmas festivities last night at LuLu's house. Once again it was a blast! This year we had TWO new babies, which are both almost a year now, and they were into EVERYTHING! In all there were 8 children and seven of them were 6 years old and under! Stella Ross did not really know what to think about all of the presents. In the end I think she played with my candle more than anything. Rafe was one happy boy when the night was over. All he has talked about wanting from Santa Claus is a bug maker, and LuLu beat Santa Claus to it. We stayed up late last night making our first batch of creepy crawlers.


Big boys having fun!

My sweet babies

Present time!

How adorable is this?

Our little diva

One happy boy!

Her favorite toys - baby dolls

Tucker even enjoyed playing with some pink

LOVED the candle

This was so funny. Stella Ross REALLY wanted
Tucker's paci. He would turn his head quickly
everytime Stella Ross would get near him so
she couldn't reach it!
She decided her paci was not so bad after all

Gram with a BIG hug

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