Monday, December 20, 2010

Stella Ross's FIRST birthday party!!

We celebrated Stella Ross's 1st birthday on Sunday and we had a WONDERFUL time. I still cannot believe her first birthday is already here. It seems like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting her arrival and here we are a year later celebrating her special day. We had an Elmo party and Stella Ross had a blast listening to her special Elmo CD and walking around in her new Elmo tu-tu! She did not take after her brother, however, and devour her cake like he did. She was a little lady and only took small bites before she shook all over from the icing. It was too funny. I think she liked the ice cream the best. What a fabulous day we had celebrating this special little girl I get the privilege of calling my daughter. I love you SO MUCH sweet Stella Ross. I look forward to celebrating many, many more birthdays with you. I just hope they don't come as fast as this one did. Happy Birthday!!

checking our her wonderful present from Nana and Papa

This is going to be fun!

and she's off

Stella Ross rides in the big tricycles


Rafe placing his hat just right

Sweet Mrs. Amy feeding the birthday girl

cupcake decorating time

This is FUN!

The Williams family!

"What is this on my head?

"Get it OFF!"

Here it comes!


Rafe helping out

He is still there!

Present time!

Her adorable headband from Aunt Jamie

What a GREAT day!


but it was fun!!

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