Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Coming!

We went to the movies yesterday and were pleasantly surprised to see the advertisement for the newest Monsters Inc. movie.  Stella Ross is a HUGE Monsters Inc. fan so we can hardly wait for June 21 to get here!!

Field Trip

I went with Rafe's class on a field trip to the Greenville Zoo on Friday.  We had a wonderful time.  It was a rainy, cool day so all of the animals were out and having fun.  The favorite, by far, were the "screaming" monkeys.  They are always hilarious.  

Bring-a-friend day!

Stella Ross had bring-a-friend day at her dance class last week and one of her favorite friends, Ava, joined her.  Both girls had a blast!  Stella Ross is hoping Ava will join her for more classes!

Monday Night RAW

Cory, Rafe and Hudson went to Monday night RAW at the Bi-Lo Center last week.  This was a BIG night for these boys.  Rafe and his friends are HUGE wrestling fans and were thrilled to see them in action.  The biggest hit of the night was the cobra sleeve.  Rafe has been wanting this for a LONG time!!  

Where is Stella Ross?

A BIG Surprise!

Pop came through in a BIG way.  One of his customers is a family friend of Marcus Lattimore.  He took Rafe's picture from football camp to his house and had Marcus sign it for Rafe.  Can you say EXCITED little boy (and parents!)  Thank you Pop!!

Award's Day!

We are SO proud of Rafe's hard work in school this year.  We honored him at Award's Day for straight A's and Perfect Attendance.  Way to go Rafe!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break Fun! (and scare)

Spring Break flew by TOO fast, but we had a great week (until the end...).  Rafe's first day out of school was a big day for him.  He bought his very own IPad Mini.  Rafe has been saving his money for a LONG time, which is very hard for him to do, and when he had enough money he wanted to buy it immediately.  I was proud of him for being so dedicated and sticking with his promise.  He LOVES it and maybe a little more since it was bought with his own money!

Monday morning we traveled to Tennessee and spent a few days at one of our favorite places... Dollywood.  We met up with several of our friends and the children enjoyed riding rides together.
We are ready to go back already!!

Tuesday Cory talked us into touring the Forbidden Caverns.  This is something he has been wanting to do for a long time with the kids. What we didn't know was how dirty and wet we would get inside!

Friday was NOT a good day for Rafe.  He was playing baseball with Cory (luckily with a tennis ball) and was struck in the eye with a very hard hit ball.  He seemed to be alright after getting over the initial shock of being hit but unfortunately it did cause him to suffer a concussion.  We took Rafe to the ER and they did a CT scan on him that was completely normal, thank goodness.  It was a very scary situation and it caused me to keep an eye on him even more than usual all weekend.  The biggest challenge was keeping him low key.  I am so thankful it was no worse than it was.

Easter 2013