Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer of Snakes

Well, Rafe and I had another run-in with a snake this morning. We were out for our daily walk. Rafe always had a particular spot that he likes to collect a stick from. I reached down to get him one and continued pushing the jogging stroller. Suddenly I felt the tires run over something in the road and then I stepped on it. I then turned around to see this "stick" we had hit and discovered it was in fact a snake. Of course Rafe was so excited and wanted to get out and "look it over." I, on the other hand, wanted to run. Although I am not a big fan of snakes, I did feel awful that my stroller "injured" (as I told Rafe) him. Rafe immediately called his daddy to tell him about our newest encounter with a snake. Cory asked us to describe it and said it was probably just a Garter snake. WHO CARES??!! Hours later we went back to see the snake and take a picture. Sorry it is so gross!

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