Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beach Vacation!

We spent last week at the beach with my parents. As always we had a wonderful time. Rafe loves where we stay because they have a pond FULL of turtles. We had to buy an extra loaf of bread just for the turtles. The weather was beautiful and we stayed busy playing putt-putt, riding rides at the Pavilion, and of course shopping! Rafe LOVES the ocean and would stay out there all day if we would let him. He never wanted to stop to take a break and it finally caught up with him the last night. He slept until 8:40 the day we left which is a new record. Now we are home and he is back up at 6:00!! Oh well, we enjoyed it one day. Thank you Pop and Gram for a great vacation!

Rafe and Cory with their new haircut!

Cory doesn't remember having this much hair!

Feeding the turtles

Riding at the Pavilion

Rafe managed to get me on the teacups!

"Look how high I can jump!"

Rafe and Pop on the teacups.
Pop regretted his decision!

Playing putt-putt. About two holes later he threw
his club and "had enough!" I don't think we have
a future Tiger Woods.

Playing in the waves

Rafe and Pop were buried alive

The alligator we fed about 100 hush puppies

This is all Rafe cared about on vacation. His
"grow and grow" snake and dinosaur.

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