Friday, October 29, 2010

Terrible Tuesday

Tuesday was a bad day at our house. We did not have one, but two sick babies. Rafe woke up in the middle of the night with a throbbing ear and Stella Ross woke up with a 103 fever. I was not a happy mommy!! So off we went to the doctor, the only problem was one was able to get medicine, the other was not. Rafe had an ear infection, which is what we had decided he probably had. It is so nice now that he is old enough to tell me when he doesn't feel well. He never complains, and when he does I know it must be bad. Stella Ross had a nasty fever virus that took several days of Tylenol and extra loving to make her feel better. When we left the doctor Rafe told me he wanted me to make him a "mallet" (or pallet!!) and watch a movie with him. That is exactly what we did. After the Tylenol kicked in it didn't really seem like I had sick children any more. They started using the "mallet" as a tent, sled, toy, etc. I was just glad they felt good enough to play. Sick days are NO FUN!!

Where's Rafe???

She has about had it with him covering her
up in these blankets!!


Rachelle said...
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Rachelle said...

Oh Mandi, we had the same fever virus with Ryan the other week... I feel for you!