Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SC State Fair

Friday morning we went to the fair. We had such a good time. We normally go before a USC football game, but we have learned that the crowd and traffic are ridiculous. We decided since Rafe was out of school we would go during the week and it was wonderful. There were no lines for the rides or games and the weather could not have been more perfect. Stella Ross loved looking at the animals and getting her first taste of "junk food"! Rafe was so funny talking about the food. In the days leading up to the fair Rafe and I were talking about what he wanted to do there and I told him we would probably eat a bunch of junk food. He said, with a VERY concerned face, "But, Mommy, don't you remember Dr. DeMoss said for me to limit how much junk food I eat?!" Is this a little Cory, or what??!! Speaking of Cory, he was really concerned about Gram and I taking Rafe and Stella Ross to the fair without him. Who would win them a prize?? Well, Rafe just showed him. He won 5 big prizes all by himself and was SO proud!!

Would this be considered "junk food"? GROSS!!

ready to go!!

Rafe said he needed to go see his dentist!!

Stella Ross isn't sure about him either!

Rafe winning his first prize!


another prize

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