Monday, October 11, 2010

Go, Stella Ross, Go!

Stella Ross is on the go these days. She does not ever sit still, unless she is looking at a book or eating. (two of her favorite things to do) Nothing gets in her way from getting what she wants. She will climb over things, move things out of the way, crawl under, GO OUTSIDE ON THE PORCH BY HERSELF (ugh!!), anything she wants over and over again until she finds what she is looking for. I know Rafe was a busy baby, but she seems to be even busier! Uh oh!! It is so much fun, though. I love her little personality, especially when we sing "Itsy bitsy spider" and she does the motions. This girl LOVES music. We were watching the football game this weekend and she heard "Dynamite" from the television and started dancing. Too cute!! I wish I could just bottle up all of the cute things she is doing and keep her this size for a very long time. She is at such a fun age.

What are you looking for?

Here it is!


and look who is drinking out of her cup now!!

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