Saturday, October 23, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys!

Rafe had a little accident on Thursday. He was on a "journey" in the woods with his wagon and a shovel (which is never a good idea). I heard him screaming and when I found him he said a stick poked him in the eye. I washed the dirt and mud away the best I could and decided to be safe and take him to the doctor. Needless to say he was not one bit happy with me for fear of the eye drops I told him they would probably put in it. However, once he got the drops in his eye and saw how "cool" it looked he was pretty excited. He said, "Now I really do look like a werewolf! My eye glows in the dark!" Turns out he had two scratches on the cornea of his eye, but luckily it is not in a place that will bother him or his vision. NO drops, no patch = happy boy!! He is very lucky!!

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