Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!

What a busy, but fun, Labor Day weekend we had! On Saturday we went to Hendersonville, NC to the Apple Festival and really had a great time. (so did thousands of other people. It was SO crowded!) Rafe enjoyed the rides and inflatables and, of course, tasting all of the delicious apples.

Sunday, Rafe and Pop even managed to squeeze in a little time to go fishing. Rafe really enjoys fishing, especially when they are biting!

Yesterday we spent the day at home getting ready for the big birthday party next weekend! Cory worked on the pool early in the morning and Rafe assisted him. They were discussing how cold the water felt and Rafe told Cory he wanted to jump in. Not thinking he would really do it Cory told Rafe to go for it. Next thing he heard was a GIANT splash .... pajamas and all! Rafe had a ball! I mean who swims at 8:00 in the morning in September. Needless to say he did not swim for hours!

Late yesterday we took a break from cleaning to go to the zoo. Rafe and I visit the zoo a lot, but he wanted to take his Daddy. We had a wonderful time, although it felt more like summer than fall outside. After Cory had had enough of the heat he asked Rafe if he wanted to go see the new exhibit of the 4-Runner birds. Rafe was SO excited and wanted to immediately see what they looked like. Poor thing, he didn't know the 4-Runner birds were my car!!

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