Friday, October 9, 2009

A Special Day!

Yesterday was a special day for Rafe and Stella Ross. Rafe's soccer season is coming to a close and his banquet was last night. This is always a BIG deal because he gets his trophy! Rafe LIVES for those trophies and he was SO excited to get his last night.

Yesterday afternoon we had Stella Ross's nursery painted. It makes me so happy. I just sit and stare at it. Rafe even said, "I think it is gorgeous!" He is so proud of it. I will post more pictures after we get the window treatments and chair covered, but I just had to put the pictures from today on here. We can't wait to meet this sweet girl!

Rafe's soccer team

Rafe and his buddies, Carter and Hudson, at the
parade before his banquet.

Rafe wearing Gram and Pop's lamp shade


the delicious cake

Rafe finally got it!

Rafe's "Joker" smile in Stella Ross's nursery

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The Gaymon Family said...

Such a sweet nursery, Mandi!