Friday, February 12, 2010

7 weeks!

Our sweet baby is 7 weeks old today. How time flies! She is getting quite a little personality on her these days and giving us a "run for our money" each night between 6-10:00. I had my first night out last Saturday night (well, I should say 2 hours out!!) and needless to say Cory had his hands full. He had his first real taste of life with two children. Thankfully Pop came to the rescue and entertained Rafe. Thank you, Pop!!

Stella Ross is smiling a lot more now and beginning to "play" with her toys on her play mat. She talks to them and even tries to hit them occasionally. She is starting to notice her hands and this always makes her eyes go extremely crossed. Too funny. We put her in her bumbo chair last weekend during our Super Bowl party. She did great in it for about two minutes. Oh well, maybe next time!

Still trying to get her adorable smile. This is
the best I have right now!
How cute is this Valentine's Day hat?!

Enjoying the bumbo seat

Get me out of here!

Watching Baby Einstein with her brother

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The Gaymon Family said...

She is so precious! It can be really complicated having two to get ready for bedtime, huh? Wouldn't trade it for the World! =)