Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy 3 months!!

I cannot believe my baby is 3 months old today. Stella Ross has brought SO much joy to our family. We don't remember life without her! I feel like she has changed a lot in the past month. She is definitely developing quite a little personality. Let's just say she likes everyone to hear her!! Like her big brother she is a big fan of the television. She will almost break her neck trying to see it! Her favorite television show these days is Curious George ! :) She had her first "photo shoot" with my friend Mandy Mayfield. I could not get over how well she did having her pictures made. She thought she was a queen sitting on her throne. I don't think Stella Ross had ever had so much fun. Thank you, Mandy, for the WONDERFUL pictures! One of Stella Ross's favorite places to be is outside. I don't blame her. She enjoys sitting outside watching her big brother run around and listening to the birds. I think we are all ready for spring to come and stay.

Happy 3 month birthday, sweet girl. These past three months with you and your brother have made me the happiest Mommy in the world. I look forward to watching you grow up even more - but, please SLOW DOWN! I love you!!

Thank you, Mrs. Sherry for the adorable poodle outfit!

My new exersaucer

I'm done with this!!!

Watching my brother try on masks!

Relaxing with Daddy

LOVING my Wuba Nub

I don't know why these are so small :(

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