Thursday, October 13, 2011

Art Day Fun Day!

What do you do on a rainy, fall break day? PAINT! Gram and I took Rafe and Stella Ross to Creating Artists for Tomorrow (CAT) today and it was SO much fun. This is a dream come true for children (and parents) to paint, color, chalk and more. The messier the better. We went to an activity called Table Time where the instructors set up 4-5 activities around the house and turn the children loose to let their creative minds go to work. (there was even a snack thrown in!) Today's theme was Halloween .... perfect for Rafe. We made pumpkins with spin paint and marble paint, candy corns with sponges, painted on easels (and the wall!), made a spider web out of black sand and glue and drew on the chalk wall. Stella Ross was introduced to two new supplies - scissors and permanent markers! She LOVED them both. We all had a blast and will definitely visit this creative house again!

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