Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stella Ross' Dance Recital

Stella Ross' VERY FIRST Dance Recital was last night and it was such a special evening.  She has been taking dance for 8 weeks and loves every minute of it (especially the full-length mirrors.)  However, performing on a BIG stage with lots of lights is a whole different scene.  Stella Ross did FANTASTIC.  She performed her whole dance routine (the first time without crawling on the floor, or taking her clothes off!) and even smiled!  Of course she did throw in a couple of spins, her signature move.  Stella Ross was showered with flowers from Pop and Gram, her sweet friend, Ella and her Daddy on Friday.  Congratulations, Stella Ross!  We are SO proud of you! 

**stage pictures were taken with my phone.  Video was WAY more important!

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