Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A "Funny" Story

During Memorial weekend, Rafe, Cory and Pop went fishing and decided to walk around the pond and explore the nature trails. Rafe, of course, ran really fast ahead of them and decided to walk backwards. He tripped over a root and after a few seconds Cory playfully picked him up and they continued on their walk. As they were walking off Pop screamed, "Look at that snake!" They were all surprised to see a HUGE copperhead snake scampering off right where Rafe had fallen down. Needless to say it caught everyone by surprise and we are just SO thankful Rafe did not fall directly on the snake.

Luckily I had just gone home with my mom and missed the whole incident. Cory called to tell me that Rafe had a "funny" story to share when they got home. Rafe came running in the door screaming, "Mommy, I just got run over by a COBRAhead!" Sorry, but I don't classify that as a "funny" story.

Of course they tried to tell me how big the snake was and I had pictured in my mind something the size of an anaconda. Last weekend we went to the aquarium and ironically they had a copperhead that looked about the same size. It made me sick just thinking about what could have happened!

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lauren said...

i love it!!! so glad you are doing will make me cry less knowing what's going on in your lives :)