Sunday, November 1, 2009

A "Spooktacular" Weekend!

We had a fabulous Halloween weekend. Friday was Rafe's Pumpkin Pizza Party at school. (can you tell they were studying the letter "P"!!) It was a lot of fun. The children made pumpkin hats, ate pizza, and played a fun spider game.

Rafe's 4-K class. Wonder who the "class clown" is!!??

Getting ready for the good stuff

Rafe and Ben

Playing the spider game
On Halloween night we met some friends downtown to trick-or-treat. It was a good thing we went early. The rain held off until we had completely filled our bucket up. Rafe had a wonderful time trick-or-treating until we went to the "scary" house. He was chased out of it with a chain saw and will never be the same!!
Rafe "Joker" and Carter "Cowboy"

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