Friday, November 12, 2010

You know you had a good nap when...

you wake up and your hair looks like this!!!!! Rafe didn't have this much hair until he was 2 1/2 years old, and Stella Ross is getting what Rafe likes to call "a bush". So cute!!

On a side note, Stella Ross is doing so many new things each day. This week she has started standing more without support. She even took her first "baby step" at LuLu's house yesterday. I have a feeling we might just have a walker in the next month or so. She is also talking so much more. She is going to be a talker like her mommy!! She now says, "bu bu" for bubbles and "pu pu" for puppies, in addition to "da da" and "ma ma". How long will it be before she says Rafe, her favorite person? Her favorite word for us to say is "horrible". We have no idea why, but when she hears this word she laughs so hard.

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The Gaymons said...

So funny!! I love her bush hair! She is a cutie pie!