Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Fun!

Rafe and I made reindeer antlers. I think he makes a very good Rudolph!

Last weekend we had an "ice" storm and Rafe was so eager to go outside and play in it. We were up at 7:30 Saturday morning trying to enjoy what little bit we had before it melted. Rafe LOVES the snow. I don't know what he would do if we actually had some accumulation. Maybe this year!

Saturday night was our Christmas party at Hot Dog and Lu Lu's (my grandparents). This is always a lot of fun for Rafe. There are four boys all born within a year and a half of each other and then little Jay who thinks he is their age. Stella Ross better be ready next year!

Rafe and his cousins

Present time!!

Rafe's favorite gift - a take-along castle

Ready for battle

This was the ONLY time they were this quiet

Last night we went with Nana to Pelzer to visit the "Light People". This was unlike anything I had ever seen. There is one street in Pelzer that would make Clark Griswold SO happy. Every house is decorated beyond belief and a lot of people stand out in front of their house to hand out candy. Rudolph and Santa were even there. The highlight of our night were the "Light People". These people not only decorate their house, but they decorate themselves. They even invite you to get out and wear their light suits as well. Of course we had to try them on. It was hilarious! I couldn't believe they had a coat big enough for me! We stood out there and just waved at the MANY people that drove by! I don't think Cory will ever be the same!

One of the Pelzer Light People

Our family all lite up!

Rafe and Cory had enough of our silliness

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