Tuesday, January 25, 2011

13 Months!!


Stella Ross is 13 months old today and boy is she a lot of fun. I feel like she has changed SO MUCH this past month. She is certainly not a baby anymore. She is now a babbling, spunky, on-the-go toddler. Once she started walking she has not looked back. We can hardly keep up with her now! It is quite challenging to keep her off the court during Rafe's basketball games. She wants to be out there playing with the big kids. Could we have a future WNBA player??!!
Here are some fun things about SR at 13 months:
  • she has mastered smiling on command. Let's just say I am glad I have already had her portrait made! CHEESE!!
  • LOVES books ~ her favorite books are flap books. So much fun to see what is under the surprise
  • carries her baby doll around with her everywhere. I was lucky enough to find another one so I can attempt to keep one clean after it "mops" the floors at Wal-Mart! Gross!!
  • Her favorite breakfast food is grits and her newest discovery is tomatoes. It could be the dressing on top, but she appears to LOVE them. Her all time favorite food continues to be cheese any time of the day.
  • Drinks all whole milk now and is doing really well with her big girl cups. She is definitely ready to get rid of the bottle. I am the one not ready. That seems to be our only snuggle time!
  • She is slowly transitioning to one nap. She takes her morning nap later and later every day. She now takes her second nap after we pick Rafe up from school and this gives me a chance to do homework with him. SR still goes to bed at 7:30 and sleeps until 7:00. This girl loves her bed.
  • She is becoming more and more social. She loves to play with the children at church and Gymboree. It is so cute to see her interact with them.

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