Friday, January 21, 2011


Rafe's teacher sent a note home from school on Tuesday that said Rafe would be getting a "special" award at the 2nd nine weeks awards ceremony on Thursday. Rafe was not told about this so it was fun keeping this wonderful surprise from him. Thursday morning I dropped him off at school like any other morning, however we did a big circle after drop off and went into his school for the big award. I wish I had caught the look on Rafe's face when he walked in and saw all of us sitting there. He was SO excited!! The "special" award that Rafe received was being chosen as the Terrific Kid from his class for the second quarter. To say we are PROUD parents is an understatement. The best part of it all is how proud Rafe is of himself. This is such a wonderful award and one that means so much to me as a mom. I know Rafe is pretty terrific, but to be terrific at school and to his friends means so much more. Rafe glowed all day and was extremely excited when we surprised him to dinner at his favorite restaurant, Kanpai, to celebrate. What a TERRIFIC day! Rafe, you will never know how unbelievably proud Mommy and Daddy are of you. We love you SO much.

Rafe before the big surprise!

Rafe with one of his teachers, Mrs. Farmer

Pop and Stella Ross didn't make the cut. Thank you
to Pop for keeping SR entertained!

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