Sunday, December 14, 2008

Future Teacher???

After his basketball game yesterday, Rafe wanted to bring the puppies into his room at Pop and Gram's house. I had no idea what he had in mind to do with them. When I walked in he had both of the puppies under the covers in his old bed. He said, "I loved this bed and I know the puppies will, too." Well they did! It was so cold outside and they were both cozy on his pillow. Next Rafe got out some books and started reading to them. The funniest thing was they really seemed to be listening to Rafe read. He even took the little girls paw and made her count objects on each page of the story. He would say, "Good job, girl. I knew you could do it!" By about the fifth or sixth story the boy was getting a little bored with this. This made me think of my former days as a teacher!!

Watching Rafe reminded me of when I was his age and used to play "school" with my baby dolls. I guess I never thought puppies would make such good students. Who knows, we might just have another teacher in the making!

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