Monday, December 1, 2008

So Many Reasons to be Thankful!

The Thanksgiving weekend came and went in a hurry, but we had so much fun! Our Thanksgiving feast this year was at our house and it was fabulous. (Thanks Gram for bringing all the food!! It was delicious) Rafe's cousins came to play and he enjoyed taking them on a tour of our new house. Sorry I don't have many pictures. Between setting the table and chasing a 4 year old, there was not much time for photo shoots.

On Friday, (after shopping all morning with Gram while Rafe and Daddy had father/son time!) Rafe, Gram and I went to see Disney on Ice. Rafe LOVED it. Of course his favorite part was Peter Pan and the gigantic crocodile that ate Captain Hook. This was such a treat for us! When we left Rafe said, "I want to go back to Disney World!" Don't we all.

Saturday afternoon we went to pick out our Christmas tree. It was really cold and rainy outside, but we were still determined to look at several places before deciding on our tree. After the third stop of putting on coats, hats and gloves and hurrying to look at trees because we were freezing, Rafe said, "Let's just go to Lowes! That's where we always go!" Well, we followed his directions and Rafe found our perfect tree in about 5 seconds. Next year we will just start off there!

Yesterday was Rafe's Christmas program at church. He looked so handsome in his robe. Rafe did a wonderful job and sang every word. (all while picking his fingers, crossing his arms, doing his infamous "Hulk" face and rubbing his nose!) The funniest part was when the Christmas play was over Rafe rolled his eyes completely out of his head and let out a BIG sigh. It was priceless. I think all the children felt the same way! I was so proud of Rafe and so glad we are back in Greer and involved in such a great church. Rafe was so excited to have his grandparents there to watch him.


Kelly said...

Rafe was as cute as can be in that play! And my, my, that was a beautiful green bow around his neck! I wonder who tied that?!? The only thing that would have made it better was if his Daddy would have done it for him! hee hee!

Corrie said...

They were so cute in the play! I got some pictures from the balcony...I need to edit them and send them out. Those white robes with the green bows are so old - I wore it as a child back in the day when I was around that that dates them at least 25 years if not older!