Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Words cannot begin to describe how magical Christmas was with Rafe this year. I cannot imagine it getting any better than this. Some of the special moments I want to always remember about this Christmas are:

  • waking up each morning "bright and early" to find our elf, Fle. Boy does he work wonders!
  • making our gingerbread house, gingerbread cookies for Santa, cinnamon ornaments, reindeer antlers and other fun Christmas crafts
  • finally getting up the nerve to talk to Santa and then not wanting to leave him because you were afraid you were going to forget to tell him something
  • writing list after list for Santa because you added to it every day
  • getting a handwritten letter from Santa and a special e-mail from him. You were so excited to see your picture in his book
  • going to look at lights each night. Your favorite place to visit was Tiffany Drive! I would hate to pay their power bill
  • taking a piece of your advent calendar off each morning and being so excited at how close we were getting to Christmas
  • your face on Christmas morning when you saw your long-awaited Incredible Hulk, leaf blower and Spike the dinosaur. We had to charge your leaf blower at least 10 times that day! Our house has never been so clean
  • fixing the reindeer food and leaving cookies for Santa. You were so careful to count out the exact number of carrots and filled Santa's cup up with "chocolate" milk as a special treat
  • the look in your face when you answered the phone on Christmas Eve and heard that it was Santa. What a wonderful phone call!
  • the fact that you did not forget the true meaning of Christmas. You talked a lot about it being the birthday of baby Jesus and we sang "Happy Birthday" to him
  • how fast you got ready for bed on Christmas Eve. You brushed your teeth SUPER fast and turned each page of our story before I could even finish reading it. You were ready for the night to end.
  • Buck woke you up on Christmas morning at 5:45. You came running out of your room screaming, "Has Santa come yet?", but Mommy and Daddy convinced you to go back to bed for a little while. Sorry!!

Thank you, Rafe, for a wonderful Christmas. I am already looking forward to next year!

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