Sunday, March 20, 2011

At last!!!

What an exciting weekend we had! Our best friends from Charleston, the Fortney's, came to visit us. Rafe was just a little bit excited about seeing his "girlfriend"!! Every morning this week he would wake up and count how many days until they were coming.

We had dinner last night with our friends, the Hortons, and their two year old triplets. Needless to say fun was had by all. Unfortunately (for the moms and their laundry) it rained just before we arrived, but that didn't stop the little ones from playing hard. We had some extremely tired and dirty children by the end of the night. After dinner we came back home and let the big kids play for a while. They played so hard that Rafe and Caroline were actually asking to go to bed. At one point Caroline said, "I mean, they won't even LET us go to bed!" There was no time for sleeping. We had some serious catching up to do!

Stella Ross and Charlotte were born 8 days apart and enjoyed playing with each other. Most of their time was spent staring at one another and trying to figure out what toy they wanted that the other one had!

We had such a fabulous time with our friends this weekend and we were all sad to see it come to an end. We cannot wait until we meet again!

waiting on Ellis to drive his car

"Hey, I want to drive!"

Stella Ross and beautiful Susanna

"This car will work!"

a happy boy and his sweetie, Caroline

the whole "dirty" crew

Rafe and Caroline "begging" to go to bed...

but, Susanna and Cory had music to listen to!

Charlotte and Stella Ross checking each other out

look at those gorgeous eyes

Best buddies!!


The Gaymons said...

So much fun, and so many cute kiddos!

lauren said...

we had the best time ever! can't wait for the next time. we love you all so very much!