Monday, March 7, 2011

What to do??

What do you do on a COLD, rainy, Sunday afternoon?? Well, you make a snow cone, of course!!! When Rafe gets something on his mind we might as well do it because he does NOT quit talking about it until it happens!! Making a snow cone was on his mind all weekend and we told him after church we would do it. He chose his favorite drink, cherry juice, for the special syrup. Stella Ross got her first taste of a homemade snow cone and I was so disappointed when she started spitting it out after a couple of bites!! I guess she will just stick to ice cream!!

P.S. - notice the hats! As soon as Stella Ross walks into the house she grabs these hats for her and Rafe to wear and then walks over and turns on music to dance to. This girl loves her music and LOVES to dance!!

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