Friday, February 25, 2011

14 Months!

Two words would best describe Stella Ross this past month - BUSY BODY!! Maybe it is because it has been five years since we had a one year old in the house, but I have NEVER seen a child destroy, open, climb, tear into, or move things like this little girl can. Rafe has always been inquisitive and full of energy, but Stella Ross takes this to another level. (and I LOVE it!!). I have to admit she keeps me on my toes and makes me think about where I put things at all times. It is quite funny. If we open up a cabinet or a door she starts running out of nowhere to see what she can get into. Her favorite places of mischief are the pantry, under the kitchen sink, refrigerator, Bowser's closet and food bowl, and her favorite spot would have to be the stairs. We have now installed a gate at the top AND the bottom of the stairs and this just makes her furious!!! I absolutely love to watch her play and hear her "talk" to her babies and Elmo, her favorite playmate. One thing remains certain about this rambunctious 14 month old, she is full of love. She will drop everything to give you a big hug or kiss. What more could you ask for???

14 months ~
  • she still continues to be a FANTASTIC eater. We have to make her get up from the table. I say all the time I think she would eat all day long. Her new favorite foods are any kind of berry (blueberries, strawberries, etc.) and tomatoes. I cannot imagine how much she will love them this summer when they actually taste good!!
  • goes to bed at 7:30 and gets up at 7:00. Naps at 9:30 for about an hour and then again at 3:00 for about an hour
  • she is doing a great job drinking out of her sippy cup and only takes a bottle first thing in the morning and before bed. We are going to cut out the bedtime bottle tonight and I don't think she will miss it one bit. She even finishes her bottle early and starts pointing and screaming "bed!!" This girl loves her bed!
  • She loves to watch Elmo and Mickey Mouse. I cannot wait until we go to Disney World and she gets to actually meet him!
  • Favorite toy is her slide ~ we had to move it upstairs so if and when she falls she will be on the carpet! She wants to be on it all the time.
  • LOVES to be outside swinging or just walking around. She REALLY wants to drive her brother's go-cart!!

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