Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grandpa Day!

Tonight at supper Rafe informed Gram and me that on Wednesday of this week they were celebrating "Grandpa Day" at school. I sat there for a moment and thought about it. I said to Rafe with a puzzled look, "Are you sure? Your teacher didn't send anything home from school about this. What are you doing this for?", etc. I asked him 20 million questions. He became real frustrated with us because we didn't know what he was talking about. I finally convinced him that I would send a note to his teacher and if tomorrow was indeed "Grandpa Day" I would tell Pop to come. Rafe was good with this decision and moved on to another topic of conversation. That's when it hit me. Tomorrow is "Groundhogs Day". He misunderstood his teacher and was TOTALLY convinced that tomorrow his Pop needed to come to school. How cute and funny is this? When I told him that I thought he heard his teacher wrong he was still not totally sure, but he does want me to send a note just to be on the safe side. He wouldn't want his Pop coming for nothing!! Happy "Grandpa" day!!!

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