Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Under the big top!!

Sunday was a special day that I had been looking forward to for quite some time. We had circus tickets and this was Stella Ross' first trip to see "The Greatest Show on Earth". Unfortunately I woke up Sunday morning with the dreaded stomach virus that seems to be going around. So....Pop and Gram to the rescue!! Needless to say Rafe and Stella Ross were not the least bit disappointed! I cannot say the same thing about myself. I SO wanted to be there to see the expressions on their faces. I can only imagine how exciting it was for both of them. Gram said Rafe seemed to enjoy it more this year than any of the other times we had been. That would figure!! Stella Ross sat through it perfectly until intermission and then she had seen about enough of the clowns. Luckily we had food in her bag. Food can make Stella Ross last through ANYTHING!! Thank you, Pop and Gram, for once again stepping up to make sure the kids don't have to miss out. We are all so lucky.

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Jennifer said...

Alex and Cate came home from the circus with those same toys! How funny!!!

Rafe needs to come over for a playdate, and play dress-up with Alex. I bet Rafe and Alex combined have every super hero costume there is!