Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love is in the air!

We had a fantastic Valentine's weekend. Saturday night Cory and I went to dinner downtown and Gram and Pop grilled steaks with Stella Ross and Rafe. Rafe was SO excited about them coming because he wanted Pop to paint his face like a vampire! He wore his face like that all night, even sleeping like a vampire, and then we had to wash it off before church. It was great, though!

Sunday morning we made heart shaped waffles and this special vampire helped me!

Rafe loved them and ate THREE! He never eats that much!

Stella Ross assisted with the measuring spoons. After breakfast they were ready to tackle the day!!

After church we went to the mall to build a bear. This was Stella Ross's first time to build her own bear and she had such a good time. Her bear was pink, (is there really another color?) and Rafe built a rocker bear that plays music with his I-Pod. Pretty neat!

Ready to build a build their bears!

I think she likes it!

"PLEASE don't touch my bear!!"
After the mall we headed to the Melting Pot with Gram and Pop for some YUMMY fondue dessert. Rafe absolutely LOVED it and practically licked the pot of chocolate clean. He was on a little bit of a sugar high when we left but it was so much fun!!!
Gram and Rafe ready to cook
Valentine's morning Rafe and Stella Ross found their treats at the breakfast table.
Eating his favorite thing, cinnamon rolls, before school
This girl is HAPPY about Valentine's Day...

and this new shirt of her valentine!!

What a GREAT Valentine's Day!!

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